Photographic Journey Wall Calendar 2016 -

A Journey to Some of the Most Incredible Places in the World


The calendar takes you on a journey to some of most beautiful Wonders of the World and picturesque places to visit. From the stunning mausoleum in Agra, the Taj Mahal, to the playing lion cubs in Tanzania.

It shows just how stunning planet Earth really is and where to see some of these amazing wonders.

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Jay has been travelling around the world for the last 25 years from South America through to Australia, photographing his journeys along the way through more than 70 countries.  The first of his books was 'South America - A Photographic Journey', of which was endorsed by Sir Ranulph Fiennes arguably one of the greatest explorers of our time.


Has since gone on to write about Kenya and Tanzania, India's Golden Triangle, Cuba, London, South America and Cambodia.


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Jay has been a professional photographer for more than 10 years and since 2008 he has been creating the  'Photographic Journey' books (South America, Cuba and London) using his photography and anecdotal stories about his travels.  A Photographic Journey of London Book is a helpful guide when visiting London and The World of Graffiti book is a collection of photographs from around the world over 8 years which he independently released in 2013.


Cuba - A Photographic Journey Endorsement:

‘Jay Mitchell is that rare combination of born traveller and great photographer. His book on Cuba captures all the excitement and dedication of his journey while providing a multi-faceted portrait of the island, with all its exuberant and decayed architecture, seductive landscapes, passion for life, and love of the bizarre.’

Michael Jacobs - Author


South America - A Photographic Journey Endorsement:

‘A refreshing look at a journey through South America with a blend of beautiful photographs taking you from end to end of South America with unique personal narratives, anecdotes and stories which accompany the images of this journey. Jay has captured the essence of South America and what you are likely see when travelling through this beautiful continent, where cultures, vibrant colours and wildlife become one in his journey.’  Ranulph Fiennes - Explorer